US Drought Conditions at Lowest Point

Nationwide, drought is not much of an issue. In the drought monitor taking in data up to Tuesday, July 2nd about 90.04% of the country is drought free. Only 3.22% of the country is experiencing a drought while the rest are just abnormally dry.

The 3 month average is 87.80% of the country drought free. Those are the lowest drought numbers nationwide since the drought monitor began in 2000.

Drought numbers nationwide

The Midwest is 96.09% drought free with 0% of Iowa under drought or abnormally dry conditions.

These numbers come with no surprise because the year to date precipitation nationwide (not including June yet) ranks as the wettest on record. The 125 means that there are 125 years on record, and this year so far is the wettest of them all.

Also, not surprisingly through May the drought areas correlate well with areas that have seen below average precipitation.

Locally, drought hasn’t been an issue thanks to well above average precipitation through July 9th. However, so far this month we are a little behind average.

Precipitation (Inches)
Month Normal Month Departure Year Normal Year Departure
Waterloo 0.84 1.53 -0.69 23.04 18.63 +4.41
Dubuque 1.06 1.24 -0.18 23.79 18.51 +5.28
Cedar Rapids 0.38 1.39 -1.01 20.78 17.75 +3.03
Iowa City 0.44 1.43 -0.99 27.52 19.31 +8.21


In the latest drought outlook, eastern Iowa is expected to remain drought free through July.

Brandon Libby

Brandon Libby

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