Heat Awareness Day

Thursday is Heat Awareness Day. Many people might not know this but heat is the number one weather related killer. Not tornadoes or lightning…it is heat. And the number two is flooding. Take a look at the numbers for last year. From heat alone, 108 people lost their lives. Even the 10 year average is above any other weather related fatality category.

Heat impacts every person and can sometimes sneak up on you when you are outside working or trying to enjoy yourself. The 30 year average tops the chart with 136 per year. You need to take care of yourself more during the warm and hot days. Check on your neighbor and make sure they are ok. Make sure they have a way to stay cool during the summer months.

The above numbers do not include the 52 children that died because they were left in a hot car in 2018. DO NOT LEAVE A CHILD OR ANIMAL IS A HOT CAR!!!. I hope I was clear. DO NOT DO THIS.

As of June 2, there have been 10 kids left to die in a hot car. PLEASE check the back seat of your vehicle every time you leave it to make sure there are no kids or animals left to die.

Click here to get more heat related resources.

Mark Schnackenberg

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist
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