Waterloo council approves speed enforcement with red light cameras

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WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – If you’re driving around Waterloo, you may want to be careful. The city said they are using 13 red light cameras at nine intersections.

Police said the cameras went live last Thursday morning. They will issue warnings through this Thursday, but after that, you could get a ticket.

Major Joe Leibold with Waterloo Police said they chose each intersection based on crash rates.

“We can’t obviously station an officer at every one of these intersections, but we can place cameras there in the hopes that people will start slowing down and stopping for the red lights,” he said.

Each intersection will have a sign to warn drivers to slow down before it’s too late.

The cameras are mounted on a tall pole. If you run a red, they will take pictures and video of your license plate.

A company called, Gatso processes each violation and filters them, before sending information back to police.

“Then, it comes to us and we can go through and determine what was going on and determine if we’re going to issue the citation or not,” Major Leibold said.

You will only be issued a ticket if you enter the intersection on red. Otherwise, you’re safe.

But Major Leibold said drivers need to understand yellow means slow down, not speed up.

“Generally, you’re always safer to stop. Your chances of getting hit from behind are a lot less. So that crash will typically be a lot less dangerous than a side impact or a head-on collision.”

If you run a red light and get a ticket, there’s an appeal process, according to Major Leibold. He said you can go in and watch a video of what happened. After that, you can issue a hearing with the chief.

Major Leibold said he hopes the new cameras will encourage drivers to pay attention.

“Don’t be in a rush. There’s no point in being in such a hurry. You really don’t save that much time driving across town by trying to go so much faster,” he said.

UPDATE (March 13, 2019): Last week, Waterloo City Council approved speed enforcement with red light cameras, which was the final reading of three public readings. That week in between was the grace period.

Police Chief Dan Trelka says they are now enforcing speed violations with the red light cameras.


*** Gatso gets $36 of every citation

  1. 6th and Washington (South)
  2. 6th and Washington (North)
  3. 11th and Washington (South)
  4. 11th and Washington (North)
  5. Shaulis and Highway 218
  6. Williston and Baltimore
  7. Parker and Broadway
  8. Shoppers Boulevard and San Marnan
  9. 63 and Ridgeway
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