UPDATE: Search warrant details timeline of Chris Bagley’s disappearance

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) – New details into the death investigation of Chris Bagley show that Linn County officials believed Bagley to have been deceased or possibly murdered even before finding his remains a week ago.

Bagley was reported missing after he left his home in Walker on December 13 and didn’t return. On March 1, the Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified a body, that was found during an investigation at a home in the 1400 Block of  Soutter Ave in Cedar Rapids, as Bagley. He was stabbed to death.

A five-page search warrant contained interviews from some of the last people to see Bagley alive.

The warrant was issued for a trailer home at 7100 Mount Vernon Road, where investigators said Bagley was last seen alive, and where his clothes, along with a black bag and other personal items, may have been left.

According to the warrant, Bagley left his home with a woman on the night of December 13. They went to her Marion home and then started driving to Waterloo, stopping first at a store in Robbins. The warrant then says that Bagley and the woman went to Paul Hoff’s trailer home at 7100 Mount Vernon Road in Cedar Rapids, as the woman’s plans to go to Waterloo fell apart.

The woman told investigators that after arriving at Hoff’s home, Bagley told her Hoff was inside by would not answer the door. Her statement in the warrant said they left Hoff’s and drove around the area, specifically driving past two homes, one on 30th Street SW and the other on Mt Vernon Road. She said that while they were driving around, Bagley called Logan Gerber from her phone, and overheard only small parts of the conversation and remembered something being said by Gerber about “in a couple hours.”

According to the warrant, they then went back to Hoff’s home and again parked in the back and walked through the trailers to get to Hoff’s.

At the trailer, Bagley talked with Hoff about “hitting licks” or robbing someone but not saying who, the woman told investigators.

The woman said Bagley told her to leave around 4:30 a.m., but he stayed. She told investigators that she was aware that Bagley and Hoff had robbed people before, and that Bagley told her they robbed his former marijuana supplier. The woman said that based on what she knows and have heard, she thought that Bagley had been set up.

In an interview with Hoff, he told investigators that Bagley and the woman were talking about possibly “hitting a drug house” and “getting a good score.” He also said that Bagley was vague about his plans.

The warrant said Bagley left the trailer between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m.

In an interview with Gerber, he told investigators that the last time he spoke to Bagley was Friday, December 14 around 3:30 a.m. He said they spoke by phone, however, Bagley wasn’t using his own phone. He stated that Bagley told him he was on his way to Hoff’s trailer and to be ready, that he was going to need his help when he calls and that this was the “Grand Finale.” Gerber stated that he did not know what Bagley meant by this being the grand finale, but he believed that Bagley was planning to rob someone.

Investigators were told by a neighbor that she heard a loud bang that she believed to be a gunshot. In the following week, she saw Hoff at the trailer burning items in the same spot repeatedly.

Through the investigation, it was learned that Hoff had made previous threats toward Bagley, one threat being that Bagley’s tongue needed to be cut out so he could not be a “rat” when he was in federal prison. This was following his arrest in Marion where illegal drugs and a gun where found. Bagley was not charged in federal court.

The documents also state that Bagley’s alleged drug dealer may have also had a “hit” out for Bagley for an ongoing feud. Bagley was a known drug user and was also allegedly selling drugs that he was getting from his alleged drug dealer.

Bagley’s remains were found in the 4000 block of Soutter Ave Southeast, about three miles east of the trailer.

Hoff and Gerber are facing unrelated federal charges at this time, however, no one has been charged with Chris Bagley’s murder.

KWWL Staff

KWWL Staff

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