Tips and Tricks for the winter

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(KWWL) – With all the winter weather we’ve had this last week, KWWL wanted to get some tips and tricks for how to make your life easier as the snow falls.

Let’s start at home, you’ll want to keep vents clear of snow or other debris that could have been blown in by the wind. Whether its the dryer or the hot water heater, if blocked the exhaust can back up and spark a fire or create a deadly fume problem.

For your pipes, crack the cabinet door so warm air reaches under the sink.
A slow drip will keep the water moving and your pipes thawed.

A winter kit is essential, obviously, keep a scraper on hand but there are a couple things you might not know.
Hand sanitizer from home or the office can thaw a frozen lock.
Shovels are great to dig your car out but kitty litter can also help.
Kitty litter not only helps weigh your car down to keep you grounded but also can give you some traction if you sprinkle it under the tires.
If that doesn’t work and you’re still stuck, you’ll want a blanket for warmth, a first aid kit for any cuts or scrapes from trying to push the car out; and a bottle of water. It’s never recommended that you eat snow for hydration as it can lower your core body temp.

Taylor Vessel

Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter
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