City Council votes down strategic plan for public safety

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – It was a six to one vote at the Cedar Falls City Council regarding Councilman Rob Green’s referral for a 5 year strategic plan for the public safety program. Green was the single yes vote.
It was Green’ referral given from a goal-setting meeting the council held last month.
Several council members voiced their opposition some questioning Green’s take on things.

“A strategic plan was brought forth as goal setting, it did not have council support,” said councilman Mark Miller.

Miller was one of at least two members who voiced their concerns with statements Green made to KWWL last week.

“To accuse a democratically-elected body of providing false information is a pretty serious statement, and I ask if you feel that has happened to bring it to this council’s attention immediately,” said councilman Tom Blanford.

“I was a bit frustrated to see a KWWL video with the implication that the city is misleading our citizens in this. I don’t believe this to be true in any form,” said Miller.

In response, Green clarified what he wanted from a plan.

“I’m just looking for consolidation, something that’s easily package-able to the public, not unlike this kind of document. That we can then use to say this is what the public safety model is and this what we approved moving forward. This is what we see it being in 5 years,” said Green.

Green said council was asked at a goal-setting meeting to support the expansion of the public safety model.

“For me, as a new council member, to be asked to support a model, I want to make sure I understand what that model is in its entirety, and not just something that comes from small presentations but that I can look at a document and say I do support this, or I don’t support this,” said Green.

Green said he has sat down with Public Safety Director Jeff Olson 3 times, and went on some ride-alongs with police to better understand the program.
Other council members assured the public that they believe this program is in their best interest.


Taylor Vessel

Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter
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