How prepared is your school for an emergency?

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It used to be that a school would go on lock down if someone was in the building with a weapon.
Today, school officials say studies show that might not always be the best choice,so they’re educating students and teachers on a variety of ways to stay safe in the event of what they refer to as a “dangerous intruder.”

A training video created by Waterloo Community Schools educates students and teachers on what to do if someone enters the school with a weapon.

“Barricading doors, being ready to counter the attack and actually fight if necessary has been determined to be much more effective than your traditional sit and hide,” said Waterloo Community Schools Safety Director Dan Huff. Huff says part of their safety plan is placing trust in the teachers.

“Part of our plan now and others plans include teachers you’re empowered to make decisions what you think is in the best interest of safety for the students and yourself,” said Huff.

Huff says drills encourage teachers and students to collaborate on how to handle the threat.

“So the first time you’re thinking about that is not when it actually happens, you’ve already had a chance to visualize what are some things in the room that would be useful to help barricade the door for example, or even to counter. Are there objects we can throw at somebody to distract them?” said Huff. “We often say the victory doesn’t go to those with the best plan, who plan, but who can modify their behavior based on the current situation.”

That training video says it would never force a student to fight back — but they should do whatever’s necessary to protect themselves and their peers.

The board of education requires each school to practice those drills you saw at least once a year.

Taylor Vessel

Taylor Vessel

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