Gang rivalry under investigation in Waterloo

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WATERLOO, Ia (KWWL) — A neighborhood rivalry between groups in Waterloo is under investigation, after an 18-year-old was arrested last week on gun charges.

KWWL spoke to Police Chief Dan Trelka today, to find out whether this could be a growing problem of ongoing hostility between these groups, and to hear about the role social media plays.

Corey Jermaine Dunn Jr. was arrested on weapons charges, but he was shot back in September of 2018, and just as recently as January of this year.

“Yeah, we’ve got gangs in Waterloo,” Trelka said.

Back in January, Dunn and one other person were injured in a shooting in the 2200 block of college street in Cedar Falls. Waterloo police Chief Dan Trelka telling KWWL Dunn is a part of a group they keep an eye on.

“There’s the way I would characterize them, they’re not as violent and they’re not as organized as with larger cities, but could still be deadly under the wrong circumstance,” Trelka said.

Dunn’s arrest led to findings of a rival neighborhood group, provoking each other on social media.

“It’s more accurate for me to say that one group will disrespect another group in some way or some form, and they’ll take offense and engage in some form of retribution,” Trelka said.

Trelka says Dunn was affiliated with one of the gangs that name themselves 400 and 500, and has been a key part in provoking gang members through social media.

“We have a goal to hold the worst of the worst accountable in our city. if you’re engaged in any act of violence, it’s our job to hold you accountable,” Trelka said.

Chief Trelka says the case with Dunn is a good example of holding a violent individual in the community accountable.

Dunn was a backseat passenger at the time of the shooting. a loaded gun was found under the driver’s seat, and police said the weapon had been reported stolen in Arkansas.



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