Elementary students switch entire school from plastic to metal utensils

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WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) — Plastic sporks are a thing of the past at Orange Elementary School. Get this, the idea came from a group of 5th graders. Claire Vandersee does not care for geography.

“When I found out more about it that’s when I started getting interested,”  Vandersee said.

Adrian Lucas’s favorite subject is math. He calculated how much plastic they used during the school year.

“It came out to be a big number, It came out to be over 800 pounds of plastic,” Lucas said.

From that, the idea was born to go back to the Eco-friendly plan of using metal spoons and forks at the school.

Their teacher entered them into a national geographic contest called the GeoChallenge, pitting them against 15 other Iowa schools.

Sam Brasch describes her reaction when the group won first place.

“When they announced who won first place, Claire and I were both like [jaw drops],” Brasch said.

Sebastian Dalbey made a map where the plastic ends up.

“It goes Cedar River, Mississippi, and then the Atlantic,” Dalbey said.

“They’re being recognized by National Geographic to come out to a national tournament this is what we’ve done here in Iowa to say hey look at us go,” Stacey Snyder said.

The group and Snyder will be headed to D.C. to win nationals.If they do, they will receive 25 thousand dollars to further their project.




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