Violence Prevention Mentorship wins award for Kennedy High School

Kennedy High School was awarded the 2018 Iowa Character Award for its Violence Prevention Mentor Program according to Cedar Rapids Community School District.

The Violence Prevention Mentor program or MVP, was designed to help in coming freshman deal with the transition from middle to high school.

According to a video made by the Cedar Rapids Community School District, upper class students mentor freshman students about violence prevention techniques in relationships, suicide, bullying and harassment.

Upper class students first learn about these techniques, then pass along these skills to freshmen students who they mentor.

According to James, a Kennedy High School senior in the video, the program is beneficial to all students involved, “Taking a lot more seriously when it’s coming from someone your own age telling you this stuff actually happens. Rather than just some adult on their high horse telling you what to do. So I think pretty much it’s just a way for high schoolers to take a leadership role for their younger classmates.”

Kennedy High School Principal, Jason Kline said usually peers are first to know about violence, this program helps teach students how to respond and make a difference.

For more information on the MVP program at Kennedy High School visit the Cedar Rapids Community School District website, here.



Ashley Neighbor

Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids
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