Palo confident rising water won’t impact community

The town of Palo is confident water won’t be high enough to impact homes but in the mean time are taking small steps to prepare for any flooding.

The water in Palo is currently just over 14 feet, a foot under what it is predicted to peak at on Sunday at 15 feet.

"About 16 foot is when we start to feel an impact with our residents so we’re still a foot under that," Tricia Dix, Palo City Administrator, said.

On Thursday, Dix and other city employees were on Linn Drive covering manholes. Linn Drive is one of the roads closed ahead of the projected flooding. In Palo, when the Cedar River grows, it can cause the town’s creek to swell.

"That’s what impacts some of our residents because the creek doesn’t have anywhere to flow with the river being so high. That’s where we notice our impact. We have done a lot of flood mitigation levels," Dix said.

Since the town faced devastated flooding in 2008, Dix said they have put some flood mitigation into place such as permanent berms to divert the water.

Currently, the town isn’t asking for volunteers to fill sandbags but a sandbag station was put up outside the fire department for the community.

"We still have some areas that there are some residents in the low-lying areas and although we don’t feel that they will be impacted at 15 foot just for precaution if they feel uncomfortable, to sandbag that area," Dix said.

Around town, many homes were bare of sandbags which can be seen as confidence by the community that the water won’t impact them like flood waters did in 2016, 2013 and 2008. 

"People’s emotions get a little bit higher when they see the water come up but with the projections we’re getting, I think most people are not as concerned as we have been in the past," Dix said.

Dix said as a precaution homeowners should test their sump pumps to make sure it is in working order in case water were to get into basements.




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