Woman makes Facebook post saying she was followed, grabbed in Cedar Falls Walmart parking lot

Tonight, we’re working to get more information after an area woman claimed she was followed and accosted by three people in a Walmart parking lot. 

The Facebook post has been shared more than 6,000 times.

The young woman says the incident happened Sunday around 8:30 p.m. at the Cedar Falls Walmart. Her post said she contacted authorities, but Cedar Falls Police say as of Monday evening, she has yet to file a police report.

Police Chief Jeff Olson says just like everyone else, officers saw the post circulating on social media. Chief Olson says police were the ones who reached out, asking if she would come in or call back.She was supposed to meet with them after work on Monday, but Olson says that still hasn’t happened. 

Part of the post says: 

"…as I was grocery shopping I noticed two men and a woman, repeatedly. They didn’t have any food, clothes, or other necessities in their cart. If I was on one end of the store, so were they. As I was checking out they proceeded to stand in line behind me. When I got down to a few things left in my cart one of the men and the woman left, and the other man stayed behind and watched. " 

Cedar Falls Police Captain Mike Hayes wants to remind people to always be aware of your surroundings. 

Captain Hayes said, "You gotta make sure you know where you are at, where your exits can be and where you can run to."  He continued, "If you are in a shopping center and someone is following you, walk into a store and call police."

The woman then says she was followed into the parking lot. As she put her groceries away, she says the woman came up to her, grabbed her arm and asked if she wanted to have a "fun night."

The post went on to say: 

 "I immediately started bawling, knowing I was alone, I put my keys in between my fingers and threatened her. Thankfully a woman came up to my car and called them out on their attempt of kidnapping."

 KWWL also reached out to the woman via Facebook Messenger, but never heard back. 



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