THREE YEARS LATER: Family remembers mall shooting victim

Today marks three years since Andrea Farrington was shot and killed while working at the Iowa Children’s Museum inside Coral Ridge Mall. 

Her killer, Alexander Kozak is serving a life sentence for first degree murder.

"Every day I think, I wonder what he’s doing in prison today. I wonder what his day consists of and does he think about June 12th every day like we do," says Cheryl Farrington, Andrea’s mom. 

She tells us June 12th is a hard day each year, but the family honors Andrea by trying to be like she was, chipper and happy. 

Kozak was a security guard at the mall and he was told to stay away from Farrington at work after she reported him for harassing her. 

It’s something that was highlighted recently in a TV show called "The Killer Beside Me."

Farrington’s family and friends were flown to the United Kingdom to take part in the episode which was meant to teach lessons about workplace violence and stalking. 
"If you have any, any question I mean because she did and she talked to you know some higher-ups and it just kind of slap on the wrist and that kind of thing," Cheryl Farrington tells us. 

Three years later the Farrington family remembers Andrea for who she was, not how she died. 

"We try to focus not on her death but her life. How she was when she was here. Just fun, loving," her mother says. 

Some of Andrea Farrington’s friends have gone on to have babies and they have given them her middle name "Jean" as a way to honor her in the next generation. 

The Iowa Children’s Museum also has a turtle exhibit in Farrington’s honor. 



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