Tools for Schools: January winners buying nonfiction books

Stacy Gary, Jennifer McCartan and Angie Chambers are third grade teachers at North Cedar Elementary in Cedar Falls. The teachers hope to use the award money to buy Guided Reading Nonfiction

Tools for Schools: September Winner

One teacher wins $1,000 for the first Cedar Valley Tools for Schools award this school year. Lori Engel is an English teacher at Pete Junior High in Cedar Falls. Because of students’ difficulties sitting still while they’re learning, Engel uses rocking chairs in her classroom. However, she only has two right now, and they are in popular demand.

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TRACKING: Another round of accumulating snow

TRACKING: Another round of accumulating snow

We are tracking two chances of snow through the middle of next week.

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Senator’s impact on officer program after resignations

City leaders of Cedar Falls speak out on the impact Senator Jeff Danielson has on the Public Safety Officer program.

Washington Co. toughens up on drivers ruining maintenance roads for farmers

Drivers that deliberately driving on muddy roads and ruining them could now get a fine and even face jail time.

Jury convicts man in killing of hunter in southern Iowa

A jury has convicted a man in the killing of a hunter in south-central Iowa.

A parent and the Dubuque school district’s spokesman sound off on longer school days

After Dubuque Community School District announced to parents there would be a 25 minute addition to school days starting March

UIHC expands footprint, unveils new AirCare airplane

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) – A new airplane is taking emergency medical care to new heights at the University of