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CDC says Iowa one of newest states to pass 35% obesity rate


WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) - Iowa is one of the newest states to pass the 35% obesity rate and is tied with Delaware as the seventh most obese state in the country.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a report Wednesday stating the number of states with high obesity prevalence raised to 16. Delaware, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas are the newest states to pass the 35% obesity rate.

Obesity is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30. BMI is calculated by using the weight divided by the square of the person's height. Iowa's overall obesity rate for 2020 is 36.5%. In 2019, the obesity rate in Iowa was 33.9%.

Here are what the obesity rates look like by race and ethnicity:

  • Non-Hispanic Asian Iowans: 13.4%
  • Non-Hispanic white Iowans: 35.3%
  • Hispanic Iowans: 36.4%
  • Non-Hispanic Black Iowans: 45.4%

Out of all 53 states and territories, Iowa is tied with Delaware in seventh place for having the highest obesity rates. Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Indiana, and Kentucky are the states with higher obesity rates.

Maria Kuiper

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