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‘If true, this is insane!’: Congresswoman Miller-Meeks retweets fake, satire news story

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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KWWL) – An Iowa Republican congresswoman Sunday night retweeted a story from a satire site claiming the Biden administration will withhold medical benefits from unvaccinated veterans and 20 hours later, the tweet was still posted after backlash from the public.

The tweet from Mariannette Miller-Meeks, reading “If true, this is insane!” directs readers to an “article” posted by the website “” with the headline “Biden Orders VA to Withholds Health Benefits from Unvaccinated Veterans.

The website is a self-described satire site, even saying on their website: “Everything on this website is made up. Do not rely on anything said here.” The article is comprised of fake and made-up quotes, including some with profanity.

As of 6 p.m. Monday, Miller-Meeks' tweet garnered more than 200 replies, many pointing out the article was satire and not to be taken as truth.

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn has called on Miller-Meeks to apologize for the tweet in a statement Monday afternoon:

"Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks needs to apologize to Iowa Veterans and President Biden for sharing a blatantly false, satirical story on social media and lending credence to its claims. Miller-Meeks couldn't do the bare minimum of research – the source clearly states its satirical purpose as an outlet "...for real fake local commentary, news, and opinion,” said Wilburn

KWWL has reached out to Miller-Meeks' office for comment and hasn't heard back.

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