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“Beach Wrestling” could become a part of the Olympics in the future

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CEDAR FALLS(KWWL)--Beach Wrestling is quickly growing in popularity. And one wrestling expert believes the greatest appeal of the sport---may be in its simplicity.

KYLE Klingman/FloWrestling Journalist, " You don't realize the complexities of International or College wrestling until you have to explain it to someone who knows nothing about it and explaining beach wrestling is pretty easy when you step out of bounds is one point--takedown is a point--takedown feet to back is three points. It's over first person to three wins. That's pretty easy to understand if you know nothing about the sport.

There is actually a sanctioned body called United World Wrestling for the Sport of Beach Wrestling --which has held Championship Tournaments since 2006 mainly in Europe and Asia.
There is now a movement underway to get Beach Wrestling into the Olympic Games as early as 20-28.

KYLE Klingman said "Possibility that Women's Beach wrestling goes into the 2028 Olympics won't be in 2024 but in 2028 in Los Angeles there is a possibility because there are currently three styles of wrestling Women's Freestyle, Men's Greco and Men's Freestyle. Women's Beach wrestling could be that counterpart to Men's they have also talked about Women's Greco but the trend is going the direction of having Women's Beach Wrestling and it could be as early as 2028.

Klingman says while Beach Wrestling has has its place---he believes Freestyle is better suited for Olympic competition.

AND The head of USA Wrestling---2-TIME Olympic GOLD MEDALIST-Bruce Baumgartner AGREES with Klingman.

BRUCE BAUMGARTNER, "As a purist I don't mind it is pretty similar to wrestling but I like when I wrestled we had ten weight classes in each discipline-- and I wish we could get back to it. That is what we do in the world championships 10 Men's Freestyle 10 Women's Freestyle and 10 Greco before we start adding wrestling disciplines."

Like it or not the Sport of Wrestling could be headed toward the sand of Los Angles, California in 2028.

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