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Top Olympic sponsor Toyota pulls Games-related TV ads


TOKYO, Japan (NBC News) - Tokyo 2020 Olympics sponsor Toyota will not run games-related TV commercials because of lackluster support for the Olympics.

Two-thirds of people in Japan doubt the country can host a safe and secure Olympics amid a fresh wave of coronavirus infections, according to a survey published just four days before the opening ceremony in Tokyo.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Toyota Motor Corporation will reportedly not attend the opening ceremony.

Toyota did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Some 60 Japanese corporations, who have paid more than $3 billion for sponsorship rights to the postponed 2020 Olympics, now face a dilemma of whether to tie their brands to an event that has so far failed to win strong public backing.

"There is a mixed public sentiment towards the Games at this moment, or even (the) past year towards the Games. So, in that respect, there must be a decision by each company in terms of how they should be able to disseminate, how they should be able to convey their messages to the public audiences from each own corporate perspective. But in the meantime, I need to emphasize that those partners and companies have been very supportive to Tokyo 2020, they are passionate," said Masa Takaya, Tokyo 2020 Spokesperson.

NBC News

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