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Former Iowa Hawkeye releases film capturing Olympic swimming

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) - Brian Tremml swam for the Iowa Hawkeye Men's Swimming Team from 2008-2011. Tremml's passion of competitive swimming and filmmaking meshed to create his documentary-style film, The Water Is My Sky.

Tremml's vision wanted to highlight the sacrifices, triumphs and setbacks swimmers endure in their journey to Olympic glory.

The film debuted in May of 2021, following swimmers, Connor Jaeger, Tom Wilkens and Taylor Garcia.

Jaeger and Wilkens are both Olympic medalists. Wilkens received a bronze medal in 2000, while Jaeger secured a medal in 2016.

Tremml's film follows all three swimmers, but it mainly started when Tremml connected with Wilkens.

"One of my favorite swimmers growing up is this guy named Tom Wilkins, and by complete luck, one of my teammates here at Iowa is his cousin," Tremml said. "I connected with him and luckily he said yes to the film."

The film just didn't focus on the Olympians, but all the hard work it takes to survive between Olympic cycles.

"We pop up every four years and the public pays attention to us but we aren't doing it for the fame in between those years there's a lot of struggle, a lot of hardship," Tremml said.

Tremml wanted to also showcase the every day athlete who might not have made it to the Olympic stage.

"The group that I consider to be in is the 99% of other elite swimmers who made the same sacrifices as the Olympians but don't make it," Tremml said. "There's only 52 Olympic swimmers possibly every four-year cycle."

The former hawkeye made his way back to Iowa City to showcase the film to those who inspired him from the beginning.

"When you see Tom win his Olympic Bronze Medal, and everyone just started applauding and that was just so cool," Tremml said. "It was a really special thing. At the end of the day, without the Hawkeyes, there was no chance this film was ever going to come out."

The film will be streaming on Apple TV and other streaming services later this summer.

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