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Waterloo Police Chief Fitzgerald applies for Austin job

Joel Fitzgerald

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) -- Without being in town quite a year, it appears Waterloo Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald is adding another city to his nationwide search to leave the Cedar Valley.

Austin affiliate KVUE-TV and the Statesman report Fitzgerald is hoping to be the new Chief of police in Austin, Texas.

Out of 25 candidates, they report two of them have controversial backgrounds.

According to the report, "Fitzgerald was fired as police chief in 2019 after a series events where he demonstrated questionable behavior, including getting kicked out of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas because he wasn't a member of the union."

The Statesman goes on to say, "That came after he withdrew his name from consideration for Baltimore's chief position after the Baltimore Sun reported he had overstated his accomplishments on his resume."

Sources told KWWL, Chief Fitzgerald is currently in Texas for at least the next week after flying out Monday.

Fitzgerald has been confirmed as a candidate for multiple other chief jobs around the country since arriving in Waterloo last year.

Sources have been critical of Fitzgerald throughout his rocky first year, pointing to the fact he spends much of his time in Texas, and never moved his family to Waterloo.

Morale at the department is said to be "rock bottom" and a number of officers have resigned since his tenure began.

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