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City of Dubuque asking residents where they can improve broadband access


DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) -- The City of Dubuque is asking for input from residents to help guide their efforts to increase access to affordable, fast, and reliable internet.

The City has launched a Residential Broadband Survey to gather information from residents about their current internet and cell phone services.

Back in 2016, the City introduced the Broadband Acceleration Initiative in 2016, with the goal of universal and affordable broadband access for residents and businesses. The initiative focuses on public/private collaborations and includes a comprehensive strategy to reduce the cost and time required for broadband expansions. The City says a key challenge to that initiative currently is the issue of broadband affordability.
Earlier this year, the City Council adopted the Equitable Poverty Reduction and Prevention Plan, which includes a recommended strategy to “subsidize internet access in low-income neighborhoods and develop a digital equity plan.” According to a release from the City, lack of access to fast, reliable, and affordable internet contributes to negative outcomes in safety and security, health/medical, communications, education, and jobs for low-income communities. The City says overcoming these challenges requires a comprehensive effort and the leveraging of data, along with multiple funding sources.
The survey will collect anonymous baseline data on the current use, speed, bandwidth, and need for broadband services for homes to help inform this initiative. The data will be analyzed and mapped by type of service and location, as well as demographic data such as age, race, and income. Additional publicly available data will be aggregated and incorporated. No personally identifiable information will be recorded or gathered.

The survey will be open until June 25, 2021 and can be found here.

Trevor Oates

Executive Producer

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