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Pfizer moves to next phase of trial testing its vaccine in children


NEW YORK CITY, New York (KWWL) -- Pfizer is moving into the next phase of trial testing its Coronavirus vaccine in children ages 11 and younger.

Pfizer says the phase 2 and 3 portion of the study will enroll up to 4,500 children, and take place across more than 90 clinical sites in the United States, Finland, Poland, and Spain.

Pfizer said that the children will be receiving a lower dose than what is being used in ages 12 and older, and will also receive two separate doses.

Kids ages five through 11 will be given a dose of 10 micrograms, and children ages 4-6 months will be given a dose of 3 micrograms.

The dosage amount for people 12-years and older is 30 micrograms.

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