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Low River Level

It has been dry across our northern counties for at least the last month and a half. There was only about 0.50" of rain in Decorah during the month of April. The river level is running low. As of Thursday evening the Upper Iowa River at Decorah was at 1.88 ft. Flood state is 12 feet.

This is pretty low. If you have seen the river you probably have noticed how low it was. Well, lets put this into perspective. Here are the top 3 lowest water levels recorded. Right now the 1.88 ft this evening is the second lowest ever recorded. Very little if any rain is in the forecast through the middle of next week. That means the river level will continue to drop.

Low Water Records
(1) 1.30 ft on 02/02/1959
(2) 2.40 ft on 09/01/1989
(3) 2.51 ft on 12/27/2003

The chart below shows how the river stage has fallen since May 6 when it was at 2.10 ft.

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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