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Weather Warnings

During severe weather…getting warnings from the National Weather Service is very important.

You should have 3 different ways to get weather alerts. There will be times one of those ways will fail to work for one reason or another.

Therefore, we recommend a back up to the back up. Here are just a few options. We have alerts on tv. Alerts will come from our Storm Ttrack 7 Weather app. You can customize the alerts you want. A NOAA weather radio. This a good way to wake you up at night to alert you of severe weather. Social media accounts and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).

The weather warnings that are alerted through wea are only the high-end ones. The ones we would have around here are tornado warnings, flash flood warnings and snow squall warnings. Severe thunderstorm warnings are not on this list…yet. This summer they are going to start sending severe thunderstorm warnings to your phone if winds are 80 mph or stronger and/or baseball size hail or larger. This update would have been helpful in getting the word out on August 10, 2020 when winds of 100 mph plus were racing across eastern Iowa.

Another way you might get alerted is from a warning siren. These sirens are meant for people outside. They are not meant to be heard while you are inside. Since they are meant for those outside don't rely on them waking you up. The National Weather Service does not set the sirens off. That is done locally. And one more thing. Each county has a different criteria for setting them off. All will be sounded for a tornado warning but some will sound the siren for extreme winds or very large hail.

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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