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Secretary of State: Three eastern Iowa schools qualify for Carrie Chapman Catt Award

Carrie Chapman Catt Award
Carrie Chapman Catt Award, courtesy of Secretary of State's Office

(KWWL) -- Three eastern Iowa schools have qualified for the 2021 Carrie Chapman Catt Award, by registering over 90 percent of eligible students to vote.

The award is named for Iowa women's suffrage leader Carrie Champman Catt who was instrumental in securing passage of the 19th Amendment, which allowed women the right to vote.

The three schools qualified for the award are:

  • Lone Tree High School
  • Isaac Newton Christian Academy (Cedar Rapids)
  • Valley Lutheran School (Cedar Falls)

All three schools were among eighteen Iowa schools that qualified for the award last year. The three schools will hold trophy presentations at a later time. The deadline for schools to qualify for the award is April 16.

Secretary of State Paul Pate made the announcement, congratulating the schools on the achievement.

“Congratulations to the schools for earning this prestigious award by getting students engaged in the electoral process,” Secretary Pate said. “It shows a lot of dedication by the students, their teachers and school leadership to register 90 percent of eligible students. I encourage all Iowa high schools to take an active role in helping their students become voters.”

Teachers and staff from all three schools reacted to the announcement.

“We are very excited at Lone Tree to receive the Carrie Chapman Catt Award for the second year in a row. After record turnout in the 2020 election, and one of the closest national House races since World War Two, it has become more important than ever to get seniors and teenagers engaged with the voting process. America was founded and runs on citizens' voices being heard, and this program begins the habit of participation as soon as possible. The Secretary of State's office was a major help in the process and provided resources to accomplish this great goal. I am proud to be a Lion, proud to be an Iowan, and proud to be an American. It is great that all three are flowing so well together.”

Mick Dickinson, Social Studies Teacher at Lone Tree High School

“Isaac Newton Christian Academy is honored to receive the Carrie Chapman Catt Award again this year. It is a privilege for us to walk alongside our students as they become registered voters. We are so proud of their sense of citizenship, their desire to thoughtfully consider the issues and candidates, and especially their desire to become active participants in their government.”

Lorraine Potter, College and Career Counselor at Isaac Newton Christian Academy

“Between my government and history classes, the struggle for voting rights has fascinated me. Perhaps because my own grandmothers were born around the time women earned the right to vote or perhaps because of my education in the social studies and the journeys varying groups have made to achieve political equality, I have always prioritized voting rights in my classroom. If nothing else, I want my students to remember that a vote equals a voice. I want their voice heard. They deserve to have their voice heard.”

Linsay Hall, Social Studies Teacher at Valley Lutheran School
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