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Iowa DOT urging folks to check their tire pressures to prevent blowouts on the roads

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(KWWL) - During this time of year, Iowans can see a range of temperatures. As the weather tries to transition seasons, the Iowa DOT warns this can negatively affect your car's tires.

When temperatures fluctuate from cold to warm, it can cause the air pressure in our tires to alter as well. Flatter tires not only make it harder to drive, but it puts the driver at risk of a blowout.

Tire blowouts can lead to higher chances of:

  • loss of control
  • rollovers
  • crashes

Iowa DOT training Sargent, Robert Wittowski, said it's important to stay on top of your tire's air pressure, because the result can be fatal.

"It was causing rollovers, so it can lead to an accident if you don't have the right tires, right tire size, or proper inflation there," Wittowski said.

Already seeing 33 traffic deaths this year, Wittowski wants folks to know blowouts are extremely preventable.

"If you see anything that looks abnormal to you, take it to your local technician and have them check it over and make sure you're okay to go there they're the ones who are experts on it right for sure," Wittowski said.

The recommended tire pressure is between 30 and 35 PSI.


  1. Open your driver-side door, look for a white sticker, check for your tires' optimal tire pressure.
  2. Before driving, do a walk around.
  3. Look for scuffs, tears, or cuts on your tires.
  4. if there is a bubble in the sidewall of your tire, that's a good indicator of internal damage and needs to be taken to a professional.
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