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Linn County to expand vaccine eligibility starting March 14th

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(KWWL) -- Linn County Public Health (LCPH) is making changes to COVID-19 vaccine allocation and distribution strategies for county vaccines, effective March 14, 2021.

These changes are due to the announcement on March 4 by the Iowa Department of Public Health, which expands eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 16-64 with underlying health conditions beginning March 8.

LCPH was not aware of the expanded eligibility changes until they were announced, and vaccine planning for the next week was already completed.

Therefore LCPH has made significant changes in vaccine allocation and distribution plans.

Beginning March 14, vaccine allocated to Linn County providers through LCPH will include individuals 16-64 with underlying conditions.

Of the county-allocated vaccine, 80% will be assigned to adults 65 and older, individuals with disabilities and their caretakers, and individuals age 16 to 64 with underlying conditions.

The remaining 20% of the vaccine will be assigned to Phase 1A and Phase 1B Tier 1-5 populations, in priority order.

The weekly allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine to LCPH is anticipated to remain stable with 3,540 doses per week through March.

The vaccine is also available to local providers in Linn County through state and federal sources.

LCPH says the vaccine supplies continue to be in short supplies.

Unfortunately, not everyone who is eligible will be able to schedule an appointment at this time.

LCPH is working with all Linn County providers to ensure vaccines will eventually be available to everyone who wants it.

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