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FDA says Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine meets requirements for emergency use

Johnson Johnson vaccine

(CNN) -- The FDA announced Wednesday a third coronavirus vaccine meets requirements to be authorized for emergency use in the US, leaving just one more hurdle to clear before it would become available.

In a new analysis, the FDA says there were "no specific safety concerns identified" in the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, paving the way for recommending authorization during an advisory committee meeting set for Friday.

"If a EUA is issued, we anticipate allocating 3 to 4 million doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine next week," White House Coronavirus Coordinator Jeff Zients said.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is different than others now on the US market. It doesn't have to be frozen and is made by taking a small amount of genetic material that codes for a piece of coronavirus and integrates it with an altered, weakened version of a common cold virus. This allows it to enter cells, but not replicate itself and make people sick.

The immune system will then react against these pieces of the coronavirus, offering protection for those who get the shot.

The FDA analysis shows this vaccine has a lower efficacy rate than others, nearly 67 percent effective against moderate to severe COVID-19 at least two weeks after the shot.

"What is the goal of the vaccine? To prevent you from getting really sick, needing hospitalizations and death," Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, said. "This vaccine seems to work pretty well in that regard."

A fourth COVID-19 vaccine could become available in the US in April when AstraZeneca hopes to secure FDA Emergency Use Authorization of its vaccine.

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