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Doug Jensen arraigned in Washington, DC on US Capitol riot charges

WASHINGTON, DC (WHO13)— Doug Jensen – the Des Moines man seen leading a group of rioters through the US Capitol Building on January 6th – will remain in custody in Washington, D.C. following his arraignment in federal court on Tuesday.

Jensen is facing seven federal charges for his role in the assault on the US Capitol. Last week those charges were escalated after authorities learned Jensen was carrying a weapon (a knife) during the attack. On Tuesday, Jensen pleaded not guilty to all seven charges at his arraignment.

The judge ruled that Jensen will remain in custody while he awaits trial. Prosecutors pointed to Jensen’s past criminal history and the weight of evidence against him as reasons for him to remain in jail in the Washington, D.C. area. Dozens of photos and videos from the attack clearly show Jensen at the head of a group charging at police officers.

Jensen has said he is an adherent of the ‘Qanon’ conspiracy theories and says he wore a ‘Q’ shirt on the day of the attack so that the fictitious character would receive credit for the assault. In their court filings, prosecutors say Jensen was hopeful on January 6th that members of Congress and former Vice President Mike Pence would be taken into custody by fellow rioters. They also argue that Jensen’s views on the legality of President Joe Biden’s election haven’t changed.

“Although President Biden’s victory has now been certified by Congress and he has been sworn into office, at this point the Court has no basis to conclude that Mr. Jensen’s interest in “revolution” against the United States government and his willingness to use force to accomplish that goal have come to an end.”


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