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“Something’s got to change.” Fayette County Sheriff wants more solutions to drug abuse

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WEST UNION, Iowa (KWWL) -- One of Fayette County Sheriff Marty Fisher concerns is the cycle that sees those abusing drugs arrested, released, and then use again.

Within the last week, two large scale arrests occurred in the county. Nearly 20 people were taken into custody on drug or drug-related charges.

"There's need to be some sort of follow up drug treatment for some of these people, even if they can, you know, change one or two of them. Because we're gonna keep on arresting just like that one house five times and 15 months," Fisher said.

He referenced one of the arrests which happened at a Clermont home which saw 5 search warrants executed there within a matter of months. Fisher said they'll be working with the Fayette County Attorney's Office to see how they can address the issue. Fisher wants landlords to know they're protected.

"In the state of Iowa, if somebody's doing something illegal on those properties, it is a violation of their lease, and they shouldn't be affected," Fisher said.

While the arrests resulted from collaboration between several local police departments and the Iowa State Patrol, drug investigations like these strain the sheriff's office.

"We're small county sheriff's office. I have just enough deputies to cover daily activities that's covered eight hour shifts. All this additional with the drug investigation is above and beyond their normal duties," Fisher said.

Nationally, drug use rose last year and some experts fear the pandemic, specifically the stress of the virus, caused thousand of addicts to relapse.

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