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Iowa House approves extra funding for schools that held in-person classes

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KWWL) -- The Iowa House has approved a measure that would give additional funding to school districts that followed Governor Kim Reynolds’ guidelines for holding in-person learning. 

House File 532 would divide $27.2 million amongst school districts in a percentage calculated by the district’s total number of in-person learning days. Districts that offered more in-person learning days would receive more funding than districts that offered fewer days in the classroom. The bill passed 71-26, with all Republicans and 13 Democrats voting yes and 26 Democrats voting no.

The Senate is discussing a slightly different bill that would award extra funds to districts for next school year, instead of immediately, based on enrollment numbers beginning July 1, 2021. The only school districts that wouldn't be eligible are ones that failed to comply with in-person learning requirements and didn't receive a state waiver for virtual learning, like the Des Moines Public School District.

The House version was also amended to treat schools that did not have in-person instruction because of the derecho, as if they were in session. House File 532 now heads to the Senate for approval.

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Trevor Oates

Executive Producer

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