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Dubuque City Council receives plan to fight poverty

DUBUQUE, Iowa. (KWWL) ---- Dubuque City Council presented with a 200-page plan on how to fight poverty Monday.

A draft of the city's Equitable Poverty Prevention Plan

If you follow the federal "poverty line" guidelines, established in the 1960's, 16% of Dubuque is living in poverty. This is higher than the state average.

However, the United Way says that federal standard doesn't take into account how life changed since then.

According to their ALICE system for evaluating need, 44% of Dubuque residents don't have enough to cover average expenses.

Laura Roussel on City Council says she's shocked by that figure.

"It is totally an unacceptable level to think that that many people in our community are struggling every day just to make ends meet," Roussel said.

City council say the mission of their study is to find ways to share the prosperity of the community with all who live in Dubuque.

There are many community organizations poised to help with things like rent, groceries and utilities. The city plan is to work toward formulating one application for every such service offered.

AJ Capuano

Dubuque bureau reporter, KWWL

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