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East Troublesome Fire

Favorable fire weather fueled an explosive expansion of the East Troublesome Fire Wednesday night leading to evacuations.

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control -

That fire continues to burn today and can be viewed from space via weather satellites.

Can you see where the fire is burning based on the visible satellite, which shows light being reflected off of the earth and back toward the satellite? (The main fire is in Colorado, there is a second one in Utah).

Here is what happens when we add color to the satellite image. The fire becomes much more apparent by the gray/black smoke rising up and over the clouds.

Here is another view of the same thing using minute-by-minute imagery:

We can focus on the hot spots of the fire by tweaking the color table just a bit:

This next view allows us to see the hotspots of the fires night and day. Here you are looking for the black spots.

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