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Iowa Farm Bureau debunks fake email about Sen. Joni Ernst

Ernst RNC

(KWWL) — The Iowa Farm Bureau debunked a fake email about Sen. Joni Ernst that was circulating online.

The email claimed Sen. Ernst was no longer supported by the Audubon County Farm Bureau after many members watched the U.S. Senate Debate on Oct. 15, saying "...our current Senator may not be as in tine with the needs of Iowa agriculture and the membership of the Iowa Farm Bureau, as may have been previously portrayed."

The Iowa Farm Bureau published their statement on Oct. 18.

"This email is fake, and any news reports that speak to its validity are false," the statement said. "Iowa farmers know Senator Joni Ernst understands agriculture and works tirelessly to increase the economic opportunities for Iowa farmers and rural America, and that is why the Iowa Farm Bureau was proud to designate her as a Friend of Agriculture."

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