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Cedar Rapids Mayor tested positive for COVID-19 in September, has recovered

Brad Hart

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) -- Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart confirmed to KWWL that he and his wife had tested positive for COVID-19 in September, and have since recovered.

The mayor gave this statement:

"I received a positive COVID-19 test result on September 23, and my wife received a positive COVID-19 test result on September 27.  Like many others who have tested positive, I am not aware of how or where I contracted the virus. It's highly likely my wife contracted the virus from me. We each had minor symptoms, no fever, and have fully recovered. I have been following the advice of medical professionals and regularly wear masks in public and physically distance at least six feet from others whenever possible. The Sept. 22 council meeting was before I tested positive, my symptoms were almost gone and, as usual, no one at the council meeting was within six feet of me. I wore a mask except when seated and conducting the meeting. The Cedar Rapids mask mandate remains in place, and I believe everyone should wear a mask in public unless they have a health reason that prevents them from doing so. Wearing a mask is not always comfortable, but it seems to me a small sacrifice to protect others and to help slow the spread of the virus."

Brad Hart,
Cedar Rapids Mayor

Hart also said that they only dealt with fatigue and some congestion for a few days, so they were lucky.

Hart signed an emergency proclamation on Sept. 2 mandating face coverings in public places in Cedar Rapids when social distancing can't be maintained.

You can view Wednesday's state and county COVID-19 data here.

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