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Federal Election Commission asks Greenfield campaign for clarification on potential campaign finance violations

Theresa Greenfield (D)
U.S. Senate Candidate Theresa Greenfield

(KWWL) -- The Federal Election Commission has sent a letter to U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield asking for clarification about potential campaign finance violations.

The letter sent to the Greenfield campaign on Tuesday says the campaign's fundraising report shows "apparent excessive contributions from individuals" that exceed the limit of $2,800 per person to a campaign. The FEC sent the letter to the campaign asking for more clarification on the donations which total $81,850, a $31,450 discrepancy if they are not re-designated or re-attributed.

The campaign has until October 20 to respond to the FEC and re-designate or re-attribute the donations. If the campaign fails to do so, they could face an audit or possible enforcement action, including refunding the possible excessive amount.

Greenfield for Iowa Communications Director Sam Newton tells KWWL the donations were mislabeled for the primary and general elections. Newton says campaign finance laws allow individuals to donate up to $2,800 each to a primary election campaign and general election campaign. Newton says they have reviewed the letter and will submit an amended report with the correct information.

“Notices like these asking to review how contributions are attributed are routine -- it is Senator Ernst who was forced to pay the largest FEC fine in history for an Iowa politician after knowingly and illegally accepting prohibited contributions from corporations. She also still refuses to explain reports she illegally coordinated with a dark money group set up by her own top aides," Newton said.

The letters are a routine practice for the FEC. Campaigns for the likes of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Joni Ernst have all received similar requests.

The full letter sent to the Greenfield campaign from the FEC can be found here:

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