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Smoke and Air Quality

The wild fires continue burning in the west coast states this evening. There is a lot of smoke and it is reaching high into the atmosphere. The winds are stronger across the norther part of the US moving from west to east. This is taking the smoke east across most of the country. The map below shows the air quality as of Tuesday evening. The air quality is hazardous in parts of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Idaho. The poor air quality extends east through the Dakotas Tuesday evening. At this point, the smoke is not impacting the air quality in eastern Iowa. Hopefully it stays that way.

It is having an impact on how the sky looks. Not much of a blue sky despite no clouds in the sky. Here is what it looked like in Dubuque this evening as the sun was setting.

Here is another photo of the sun setting in the smoky sky. This one is in Iowa City.

The photo below was the sun setting in Waterloo.

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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