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Mississippi man survives after being paralyzed from COVID-19 for two days


(NBC) — A Mississippi man who survived COVID-19 spent two days in a bathtub paralyzed by the virus.

John Hardy got a rapid response coronavirus test after losing his appetite one day at work.

After testing positive, Hardy said he went home, talked to a friend on the phone, and then ran a warm bath.

When Hardy drained the water and tried to get out of the tub, he said he lost control of all his limbs.

Unable to get to a phone, Hardy said his only option was to turn to God.

Fortunately, two of his closest friends knew it was unlike him to not answer his phone, and contacted officials on his behalf.

Officials managed to break down Hardy's door, finding Hardy holding on for his life.

"I stayed in the bathtub for two and a half days," Hardy said. "An empty tub. I was getting dehydrated, I couldn't use my hands or arms to even turn the water back on, so I could have drinking water."

After being hospitalized for dehydration, health officials told Hardy that he likely only would have lived for one more hour.

Hardy says this was a sign that he has more work to do.

"In my mind, I was thinking that maybe the lord was speaking to me and saying, 'John, I've got more work for you to do,'" Hardy said.

Hardy said he hopes his story of recovering from COVID-19 helps people understand the dangers and severity of the pandemic.

NBC News

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