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One company makes education kits for schools during the pandemic

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(KWWL) - Whether students are in the classroom or behind the computer screen, the pandemic may present some challenges when it comes to learning.

With COVID limiting hands-on learning, ECA Science Kit Services decided to bring that aspect back, by distributing education kits.

Originally making science kits, owner and founder Dennis Harlan said they never thought they'd make anything else. But when they saw the direction schools were taking, his daughter Heidi Harlan said they knew the need was there.

"Our team got very motivated to help," Harlan said, "our system allows us to customize it to be all subjects, all grades... it's really customizable to meet the district's needs to align with the curriculums they're already using."

Based out of Michigan, ECA has worked with school districts all over the country, from North Carolina to California. Making hundreds of kits a day, they are able to customize kits to suit all students.

Dennis and Heidi Harlan said they knew this would be a tough time, especially for educators, and believe their kits can help for the long haul.

"These aren't just useful for the at home model, but they're useful for all those models districts are navigating," Heidi Harlan said.

"And the reverse of that, if the kids are at home and they decide to go back face to face later in the year, they can just bring those packs back and they're good to go," Dennis Harlan said.

To help students use the kits, ECA also offers printing services where districts can create information guides for each subject. Harlan said they have not distributed kits to Iowa schools yet, but are willing to work with districts if they're interested.

For more information about the ECA and their services, click here.

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