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One organization spreads positivity in schools through handwritten cards

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Photos taken by owner and creator, Michelle Stricker.
Photos taken by owner and creator, Michelle Stricker.
Photos taken by owner and creator, Michelle Stricker.

(KWWL) - As schools enter unknown territory in the age of COVID-19,
some may be feeling anxious. From wearing masks to online learning, it can be a lot to take in.

That's why the organization, 'SMACK,' is going around schools and passing out their 'SMACK packs.'

Owner and creator, Michelle Stricker said she always wanted to put her creative penmanship to use. During the pandemic, she hoped to spread positivity, and thought, what better way to use her talents than to make cards filled with positive messages.

"Just giving them that message of like, 'hey you're doing good,' or 'hey thank you for listening,' just those little messages I think are so important and the way I see teachers giving them out are just incredible," Stricker said.

'SMACK' stands for sending messages of affirmation, compassion, and kindness. So far, the organization has gone to twenty-two Iowa school districts, dropping off smack packs to teachers and students.

Sticker said, she never thought SMACK packs would be so popular, but it makes her happy to see her messages improving peoples' lives.

"I just still think I'm in shock, like that this has changed so many lives and has been a huge impact on so many communities," Stricker said, "it's just, it's amazing."

SMACK's messages have stretched beyond the hawkeye state.
So far, smack has sold SMACK packs to forty-one states across the country.

Stricker has written every card by hand, and each pack contains 100 cards. SMACK also sells different packs for different themes such as faith, work, grief, and celebrations.

For more information on SMACK, click here.

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