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As COVID-19 numbers rise more changes are coming to UNI

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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) - After only three weeks of classes, 70 people are now positive for COVID-19 at the University of Northern Iowa. This brings with it some changes to the classroom and the university as a whole.

Provost Jim Wohlpart sent out a letter yesterday entitled "Classroom Changes." It addressed some concerns about COVID-19 that have come up among the student body.

"It's honestly getting worse and worse every day and it's hard to see, but I hope we can finish this semester out and hopefully come back for second semester too," said UNI freshman Andrew Peiffer.

The changes included in this letter: new seating arrangements in classrooms, the moving of classes to larger rooms, and some faculty switching to a hybrid format.

Some students we spoke with about these changes were glad that the university was taking action, while others questioned the reasons behind it.

"I think that's comforting that they are in constant communication with us. It makes it seem like they do care about what we're saying," said UNI sophomore Karlee Colby.

"It's starting to make me wonder if the higher-ups are starting to panic because things aren't going well and if they have to change it because all of their guidelines aren't working. I'm starting to wonder whether or not they made the right decisions at the beginning," said Andrew Peiffer.

Students also said that as a part of their code of conduct on campus they are obligated to not only protect themselves, but other students at the university as well. Not wearing a mask, or practicing other means of protection, can lead to consequences and possibly even suspension.

The new arrangements at UNI are being made in hopes to reduce the number of students near each other, and reduce chances of going into quarantine.

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