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Tropical Update

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season is off to a busy start. June 1st was the official start of the season.

Right now, we have Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine spinning near the Windward and Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

National Hurricane Center says this area will likely become Tropical Storm Isaías (pronounced ees-ah-EE-ahs) within the next 24-48 hours as the disturbance develops a more centralized area of low pressure.

If (when) Isaías is officially named, it would be the 5th named storm in the month of July. That is the record for number of named storms in the Atlantic Basin during the month July. The last time that happened was 2005. Follow Meteorologist Phil Klotzbach on Twitter for more tropical information.

Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine is tracking into warmer waters, where the sea surface temperatures in in the lower to upper 80s.

While we're on the topic of records, Isaías would be the earliest 'I' storm on record. The previous record for the earliest 'I' storm was Irene, which developed August 7, 2005.

Hurricane season 2005 was also an active one in the Atlantic. There were 27 names storms, so the National Hurricane Center had to dip into the Greek alphabet for names.

There is still plenty of hurricane season left. Hurricane season runs June 1 through November 30. The peak of the season comes right around September 10th. As noted, it's been a very busy first two months.

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