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Cedar Rapids announces framework to form Citizen Review Board

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) -- The City of Cedar Rapids has developed a 90-day plan for public engagement to establish the framework for an independent Citizen Review Board.

The process will include three phases: Process Development, Public Engagement, and Results/Recommendations. Presentations on the progress of the process will be presented to City Council and the public on July 28, August 25 and September 22 or at a special City Council meeting in September.

Residents can submit ideas and input for the CRB by clicking here. All information submitted through the online form will be included in reporting and shared with City Council.

The City is working with The National Research Center to develop a custom survey for Cedar Rapids residents to gather specific feedback on the structure and duties of the CRB. The survey will be shared through the City’s website and social media channels at the end of July.

After the survey is distributed throughout the city and to the Advocates for Social Justice, a council presentation will be held on August 25th regarding the data to date.

Focus groups are also being developed and community members and groups will be asked to participate in the discussions in August.

The City says the goal of the CRB is to ensure public safety accountability, bolster confidence in police, increase and improve public cooperation, and make the community safer for everyone.

Cedar Rapids City Council passed a resolution on June 19, declaring their support and commitment to addressing priorities brought to the City through the local Black Lives Matter Movement and Advocates for Social Justice. At the meeting, City Council approved and agreed to move forward on all seven priorities, with establishment of a CRB being agreed upon by both groups as the highest priority to implement quickly. A copy of that resolution can be found here. on the city’s website.

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