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Des Moines City Council approves mask mandate for city buildings


DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO13) — Des Moines City Council approved a resolution Monday requiring all city employees and those who visit city buildings to wear face masks.

The resolution also encourages people in Des Moines to wear face masks when in public.

Councilman Josh Mandelbaum prefers requiring masks in public, but Gov. Kim Reynolds would have to agree for that to happen.

“Obviously there are going to be challenges from an enforcement perspective and it would be better to do this in a cooperative way with the governor and with the state and have either the governor allow the City of Des Moines to take further action or indicate that she wouldn’t contest it,” said Mandelbaum.

The city has also started requiring the Des Moines fire and police departments to wear masks. All on-duty employees, including those working off-duty in an official capacity, are required to wear a mask in public and in city facilities when social distancing cannot be maintained.

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