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90 Degrees

The forecast includes several days with high temperatures near 90 degrees into next week.

Through Friday, Waterloo has hit 90 degrees or warmer 7 times so far this year. The last two days hit the mark. The record for most in a row is 21 days in 1921 at Waterloo. The most recent stretch of 7 days in a row or more at 90 degrees or higher was in 2012

The record for most days of 90+ for the entire year are as follows:
Waterloo: 60 days in 1936 (data back to 1895)
Most recent: 43 days in 2012

Dubuque: 42 days in 1934 (data back to 1873)
Most recent: 27 days in 2012

Cedar Rapids: 46 days in 1988 (data back to 1953)
Most recent: 33 days in 2012

Iowa City: 52 days in 2005 (data back to 1944)
Most recent: 43 days in 2012

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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