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UPDATE: State patrol offers further details on incident in governor’s vehicle and protester

UPDATE: The Iowa State Patrol offered an updated description of what occurred between a Black Lives Matter protester and a car carrying Governor Reynolds on Tuesday.

The agency's Public Information Officer, Sgt. Alex Dinkla, offered the following late Tuesday night:

Today, the Iowa State Patrol investigated an incident that occurred near Ackley, Iowa, involving a demonstrator and a state-owned vehicle transporting Governor Reynolds.  The vehicle was operated by a member of the Iowa State Patrol.  As the vehicle started to leave a scheduled stop and enter the roadway, a demonstrator approached which caused the Governor’s vehicle to slow.  The demonstrator stopped short and to the side of the vehicle.  As the vehicle began to turn away from the protestor and onto the roadway, the demonstrator intentionally stepped in front of the slowly moving vehicle.  The demonstrator had little to no physical reaction to any contact he created and the vehicle then entered the roadway.  Iowa State Troopers on scene made contact with the demonstrator and advised him to discontinue his efforts to block traffic.  The demonstrator did not appear to suffer any injury, made no request for medical attention, and immediately began shouting obscenities at the responding personnel.   The demonstrator and his group then proceeded to block members of the Iowa State Patrol from leaving the area.

(KWWL) -- A vehicle transporting Gov. Kim Reynolds hit a Black Lives Matter protester today as he was intentionally blocking the car's path.

According to a Des Moines Register article, a group of Des Moines Black Lives Matter protesters gathered at Reynolds' public events in Steamboat Rock and Ackley to push towards an executive order restoring voting rights for felons.

Jaylen Cavil, the protester who was hit, said in the article that he was standing in the driveway, hoping that Reynolds would roll down the window and speak to them.

Cavil later said in the story that he spun around from the impact and was lifted from the hood, but received no injuries.

Iowa State Patrol confirmed this incident to KWWL in an email.

"The Iowa State Patrol is aware of an incident that occurred near Ackley, Iowa, involving a demonstrator and a vehicle transporting the Governor," they said in their statement. "Preliminary reports from law enforcement at the scene suggest the demonstrator intentionally stepped in front of the moving vehicle. The demonstrator appeared to suffer no injuries, did not request medical treatment, and continued with his activities. The Iowa State Patrol is investigating the circumstances."

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