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UNI-Dome Clock Operator Dan Holmes survives COVID19

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URBANDALE(KWWL)--Former Waterloo, Cedar Falls and La Porte City resident Dan Holmes survives a six week battle with Coronavirus.

"Great day i can talk like a normal person.. I don't look like a normal person..great."

Dan Holmes--the UNI-Dome Clock keeper for the past 35 years feeling relieved…

On March 25th Holmes developed a temperature of 105 degrees and was rushed to a Des Moines Area hospital ..after several tests…it was found Dan had COVID19

Dan "They found out what was going in it was in all of my organs except for my organs and that is why I am talking to you today I didn't have that terrible thing with the lungs and didn't have to be put on a ventillator

But Holmes did fit the profile of most Coronavirus victims.

Dan Yes, I will admit I am 67 and I do have type 2 diabetes and my doctor says that is one thing that was a contributing factor."

Holmes has spent time in and out of hospital and in self isolation at home. Although he never felt in grave danger… he understands why some people might stop fight COVID19

I thought I knew what pain was I have had several surgeries but this pain was excruiating I know why people die because they give up fortunately I have my wofe and grandkids…

Dan Holmes says his family especially his three grandkids River, Elevia and Rocco kept him going--even if he can't hold them for awhile..

Hey I feel so good I am glad to talk to you..can't wait to get back up to UNI Football Again.

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Rick Coleman

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