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Six residents now testing positive for COVID-19 at Friendship Village


UPDATE (5/2/20): According to a post on their Facebook page, six residents have now tested positive for COVID-19 at the Friendship Village Retirement Community in Waterloo.

All six residents live in the live in the Pavillion Health Center and have been rooms designated in early March as the "COVID Area." These rooms are separated from the rest of the Pavillion population.

Additionally, certain staff have volunteered to be on the community's "COVID Team" and are taking care of these six residents. They are not taking care of others at this time.

There are now 12 employees who have tested positive for COVID-19. Four from Landmark Commons, 5 from Friendship Village (4 nursing and 1 maintenance) and two from Friends at Home Rosewood Estate.

The community's Facebook post says 7 employees have direct involvment with the Waterloo Tyson plant.

Waterloo, Iowa (KWWL) -- A resident of the Friendship Village Retirement Community has tested positive for COVID-19.

That resident lives in the Pavilion Health Center. Additionally, two employees have tested positive. They have been on leave since April 17th because they live with people who work at Tyson.

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Sara Belmont

Assistant News Director

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