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NFL owners approve expanding playoffs to 14 teams

(KWWL) -- With the sports world in a moment of stagnant uncertainty (for now), the NFL has announced a change to how the postseason will look. This change, however, is non-coronavirus related.

On Tuesday, NFL owners approved the addition of two more teams into the playoffs, expanding the previous 12-team format to 14 teams starting with the 2020-21 season.

The NFL will add two wild-card spots. There will now be seven playoff teams from both the NFC and the AFC with three wild-card teams from both conferences.

According to the last time the playoff format changed was in 1990, when they expanded from 10 to 12 teams.

As a result of the change, only the 1-seed from each conference will get a bye.

Andrew Pearce

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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