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House of Hope announces rental assistance program for single moms during coronavirus pandemic

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) - House of Hope is offering assistance to single moms to help pay some of their rent during the coronavirus pandemic.

"House of Hope is dedicated to the mission of ending homelessness for single mothers in the Cedar Valley.  Therefore, with permission from the Otto Schoitz Foundation, we are moving grant funding to respond to the need of the time by opening up some limited rental assistance for single moms in our community, whose wages have been impacted by the pandemic," Executive Director, Karin Rowe, stated to KWWL.  "Unfortunately, the funding is limited so although we will be unable to fill the full need, we will stretch these funds as far as possible for the well being of our community." 

Funding from House of Hope will not cover the full of rent, but it will help fill the gap, according to a news release. The temporary program will end once funds, which are limited, are spent. Funding is given out on a first-come, first-serve basis to eligible applicants. Payments will go directly to the Landlords.

Eligibility for assistance includes:

· Single mom with at least 1 minor child in her care

· Has a current lease in her name

· Had been employed before Covid19 pandemic

· Lost employment or decreased hours due to pandemic

Documents needed to apply for assistance:

· Copy of Photo ID

· 2 paystubs prior to pandemic (February preferred)

· 1 paystub or unemployment check after hours were cut (employer verification may be accepted) · Completed Spending Plan: can be found on the website

· Landlord and employer contact information, along with signed release that we may speak with the landlord and/or employer

How to Apply:

· Please fill out the application online. Applications are available Monday, March 30. ·( Gather all documents requested in the section above and email to

· The application is not finalized until all documents are received.

· If you do not have access to physical copies or a scanner, screenshots of the documents are accepted via email.

Questions? Email House of Hope at:

Abby Turpin

Evening Anchor

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